Why FIA Approved?

FIA homologated seats 8855 – 1999 (5 Year Rating)

This has been the Motorsport standard for some time regarding racing seats and harness belts.


FIA homologated seats 8862-2009 (10 Year Rating)

This is the latest standard to be brought into the Motorsport industry and comes with a 10 year rating instead of the standard 5 year.


Why is FIA approval needed?

Its not just a requirement from most Motorsport governing bodies. More importantly, if you are looking to enjoy yourself at the track safely. Pairing your FIA Approved seat with a FIA Approved harness, keeps you and others safe at the track.


FIA Approved seat construction

FIA approved racing seats are specifically developed with specialist shells. These shells are constructed in a range of materials from Fibre glass (GRP), Kevlar, and carbon fibre. These are hand made products and are not produced using steels frames like other bucket seats and reclining sport seats.

This construction of shell helps provide the seat with a higher level of safety for those people requiring the most from their sport seats and racing seats. These products are the only way to go when looking to compete on track or requiring the best of the best.