Part 2 Daily Love!! – Exhaust Partnership with Thermal R&D

If you are in the market for a well designed and heavily tested exhaust system, pay Thermal Research and Development Exhaust or (Thermal R&D) a visit on their Youtube channel. You will be able to see the care that they put in designing a system that not only looks good but sounds good while eliminating drone.

Installing an exhaust system should not create bad blood with your neighbors or ruin your car ride with family or friends. Thermal R&D build great systems while keeping the driver in mind. We test fitted our 2013 5.7 Hemi V8 Chrysler 300s, we were very pleased with the deep tone of the car at startup. Check the before and after video of the sound of the car during startup, as well as when you get on it.

The installation was done by a local business called The Shop in Elk River MN. We felt that to do a proper review of the product, it would be best to have the install done using a lift. The crew at The Shop took on this install, which was completed fabulously.

One of the things that I love the most about having this exhaust is how quiet it is inside the cabin. I have had a good number of different exhausts installed on previous cars I have owned. None have been this quiet, but yet give me the nice mean deep sound I expect out of a V8 engine. It has given me a newly found joy to drive this car. I can enjoy my music, or conversation without having to shout to my passengers.

I do understand that this type of exhaust is not for everyone. However, I can drive this without being concerned about disturbing my neighbors or being concerned with the authorities when I am just cruising around town. At idle it still sounds great without being too loud, and when I get on it on the highway I still get that smile on my face.

Just as Chuck Asher states in the video above, with one of their systems, you can really have it all. A great sounding exhaust, no drone, and horsepower gains. You are able to do all of that and enjoy your driving your ride anywhere in the process. Pictures were taken to share with everyone interested in upgrading their exhaust system with a Thermal