Bolt-In Harness Bar Porsche 981 Cayman S GT4 Agency Power

Bolt-In Harness Bar Porsche 981 Cayman S GT4 Agency Power


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The Porsche 981 Cayman is an incredible platform to drive on the track. With its rigid chassis and mid-engine design, it can out handle some of the best vehicles. What makes a fast driver is not just the speed of the car, but how it grips the road and how the driver controls the wheel. Functionally, the stock seat belts provide all the safety you need. However when you start hurdling yourself into turns that apply G-Forces, you need to be focused on the steering wheel control and not trying to brace your body with your knee against the door. The most secure way to be in a vehicle on the track is with a set of harnesses. Agency Power has developed this new bolt in harness bar for the Porsche 981 Cayman, Cayman S, and GT4 for the weekend track driver and those street guys wanting a little more race in their cockpit!
The harness bar is 100 percent Made in the USA and developed here with 3D modeling. To ensure a precision fit, we utilized a 981 Cayman S to develop a harness bar that fit like OEM without having to damage your interior (minus a small carpet incision). The harness bar is easily installed and was designed to allow even the tallest drivers to have room with their seat all the way back. The harness bar features harness guides so the shoulder belts cannot slide on the top tube. The center of the harness bar is humped over the tunnel for clearance and will also allow for mounting of cameras or fire extinguishers. Each bar is made from 4140 steel then mounted to the car with 1018 laser cut steel plates. Harness bars are available in standard matte black or custom colors for an additional cost.

  • 1 piece construction for rigidity.
  • Bolt-on that does not require plastic trimming.
  • Clearance for tall drivers to be seated all the way back.
  • Race look with safety functionality.
  • Powdercoat finish.


  • Fits all Porsche 981 Cayman Chassis

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