DISCONTINUED – Carbon Fiber Paddle Shifters Extensions Lamborghini Gallardo Agency Power

DISCONTINUED – Carbon Fiber Paddle Shifters Extensions Lamborghini Gallardo Agency Power


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The Lamborghini Gallardo platform took the supercar to mainstream status. Since the release in 2004, many variants of the E-Gear transmission vehicle have been released. The LP-550, LP-560, LP-570, and of course the coupe and spyder variants just to name a few. Flappy paddle gear shifters were once synonymous with supercars as something you would only find in a Formula 1 vehicle. Now found in many mainstream vehicles, enhancing the drivers connectivity to the pavement is what paddle shifters and a dual clutch transmission provides. Having the ability to blast through the gears on the steering wheel takes the track to the road. As more and more cars loose the manual transmission in favor of a dual clutch setup, drivers have to adapt to new driving methods. When you are shifting on the track or under pressure during straight line runs, grabbing gears with different hand positions can be difficult.

To enhance the driving experience, Agency Power has launched a complete line of Paddle Shifter Extensions for various vehicles. These particular paddle shifter extensions give you and your Lamborghini the ultimate in connection. The carbon fiber add-on shifters are designed to simply slide over factory extensions in seconds.

They extend the top of the paddle shifter about 2 inches over stock. This allows for an improved ability to grab gears between 9 and 3 o clock on the steering wheel. The shifters are designed to follow the curve of the steering wheel giving a seamless look as if they came from the factory. The carbon fiber weave with glossy clear coat finish is a perfect look for any interior. The paddle shifters are sold as a pair and can attach with customer supplied double sided tape. For those that want to enhance the look of their interior while improving the connectivity to their driving habits, the Agency Power Paddle Shifter extensions are the best choice!

Fitment: 2004-2014 Lamborghini Gallardo, LP-560-4, LP-570-4, LP-550-2 with automatic 6-speed E-Gear transmission.

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