Electronic Valve Controlled Exhaust 99-05 Ferrari 360 Modena Agency Power


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Ferrari is renowned their amazing engine and exhaust sounds. So when developing an exhaust to improve performance and sound, Agency Power took the time to do it right. This electronic valve controlled exhaust gives the operator the choice between two performance levels with two distinct versions of sound.

The first option is with the bypass valves closed. The result is an exhaust performance and sound level just above the factory exhaust system. Overall, exhaust is sporty and perfect for daily driving in this mode. With the push of a button, the bypass valves open and allow for a full free flowing exhaust to open up and allow the Ferrari to perform like a track car. Horsepower, torque and exhaust tone all increase. In this mode, the exhaust note is aggressive and attention grabbing. The muffler bypass mode will give your 360 a truly exotic tone.

This Agency Power electronic valve controlled exhaust consists of 2.5 inch stainless steel pipes that are tig welded.


  • Electronic and vacuum components
  • Remote key fob and control box
  • Your choice of either quad 90mm polished silver or matte black round tips
  • All the brackets, clamps and bolts

Additional information

Weight 86.25000 lbs
Dimensions 35.00000 × 28.00000 × 11.00000 in