Front Adjustable Sway Bar 07-13 Porsche 997 Turbo Agency Power

Front Adjustable Sway Bar 07-13 Porsche 997 Turbo Agency Power


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Agency Power Front Adjustable Sway Bar Porsche 997 Turbo 07+. In the quest to create the most well balanced suspension for the 997 Turbo, Agency Power has developed these sway bars to our specifications. The all wheel drive Porsche turbo cars naturally have a lot of under steer. Under steer is when you take a turn but your car keeps going outwards. With an AWD car, getting the rear end around can be easily done with a larger sway bar. However you do not want to induce to much over steer as then you will be throttle steering or sent into a drift. With the combination of a properly balanced front and rear sway bar, your car will handle turns much more neutrally and quickly. The sway bars are designed to stiffen up the chassis as well to reduce body roll. Some times called anti roll bars inch;; sway bars help keep the chassis flat through the turns. In combination with a good set of springs or coilovers, you will greatly improve your handling of your Porsche 997 Turbo.

The Agency Power sway bars are made in the USA from high strength steel. The adjustability holes have been engineered to not overload the sway bar links causing them to break. The solid sway bars feature 3 way adjustable ends for maximum adjustability for under and over steer. All of our sway bars feature urethane bushings to fit in the stock bracket for an OEM fit. The sway bars are finished in a white powder coat like our other sway bars to stand out in front of the competition. The front sway bar is a 25.4mm solid 3 way adjustable bar which can be used with the stock sway bar links or any aftermarket adjustable ones including the Agency Power units. Stock sway bars are only 23mm and a tube design.

The Agency Power sway bar is 50 percent stiffer than the OEM. Perfect design and setup for those wanting a great handling street car with high speed track performance. Sway bars are sold individually. Sway bars fit the 2007 and up Porsche 997 Turbo.

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