GoJak Model 6313


GoJak Model 6313

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GoJak Model 6313


Easily position locked, blocked or disabled vehicles with the GoJak Vehicle Positioning Jack Dolly. Use it in your shop, parking garage, or on a tow call. The American-Made GoJak 6313 is an absolute work horse rated for vehicle curb weights up to 6,300 lbs. and tire widths up to 13″ inches. Features include high strength galvanized steel rollers, upgraded 1-3/4″ wide axles, and heavy-duty nylon, double-ball bearing raceway casters. This set up makes for smooth rolling under heavier loads. The GoJak 6313 also has a 5-degree offset pedal for additional foot-to-tire clearance when jacking. Equipped with the largest casters in the GoJak product line allows for increased ground clearance, especially useful when pulling cars up a flatbed.

Also available in a “Left Hand”

version which is useful if the car is disabled and the front tire is turned at an extreme angle. The foot pedal on the “Left Hand” GoJak is oriented to point out of the wheel well in this situation. For normal shop use standard “Right Hand” units are all you need.

Designed, Manufactured, Tested and Proven in the USA since 1984.  The Original Self-Loading Wheel Dolly, GoJak® is the only way to roll!

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  • Vehicle Curb Weight – Max 6300 lbs (2855 kg)
  • Weight Per Tire – Max 1575 lbs (715 kg) / Tire
  • Tire Width – Rated up to 13″ (330mm) wide
  • Tire Diameter – Rated up top 36″ (915mm) diameter
  • Casters – (2) 4″ / (2) 5″ Nylon (ANSI 2012 Certified)
  • Rollers – (1) 2.5″ Diameter Galvanized Steel Roller per Axle