High Flow Cat Down Pipes 15-17 BMW F85 X5M | F86 X6M Agency Power

High Flow Cat Down Pipes 15-17 BMW F85 X5M | F86 X6M Agency Power


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One of the best modifications you can do to the turbocharged BMW engines is a performance exhaust system and Down pipes. Improving the exhaust flow and reducing restriction can yield gains of up to 40hp over stock. The BMW X5M and X6M F85 with it’s 4.4L V8 twin turbocharged engine is very susceptible to modifications increasing the menacing 575 horsepower.

Similar to other BMW’s engines we have built Down pipes for like the 335I N54 N55, the 6 cylinder 3.0L twin turbo BMW M4, and even the similar BMW M5 F10, these engines are easy to gain a boat load of horsepower with simple bolt on modifications. As Agency Power has done before on many other vehicles, high flow cat Down pipes off the turbocharger are one of the biggest boosts in performance.As an OEM replacement to the factory catted Down pipes, these full 304 stainless steel down pipe are precision TIG welded to provide the turbocharger exhaust side with the least restriction possible on the exhaust system.

Utilizing high flow 300 CEL GESi catalytic converters, these new Down pipes keep you emission friendly while improving performance. Typically the difference between Race and catted Down pipes is about 5-10 horsepower difference. The high flow cat Down pipes reduce back pressure to help the turbos spool up quicker in-between shifts while giving a strong pull through the RPMs to the top of the power curve.

Catted Down pipes do give a more audible sound to your 4.4L V8 without having to change the full exhaust system. Agency Power has found that many of the new exhausts on BMW’s flow quite well and the down pipe’s alone are the best upgrade possible. However if you do add an exhaust, these are made modular to work with the OEM or OEM style fitting exhaust.Even though the Down pipes have factory located O2 sensor bungs, and high flow catalytic converters, a check engine light code could be possible because of the sensitivity of new vehicle emission systems. An ECU Tune is recommended to eliminate any possibility of a check engine light and maximize the performance of your 4.4L V8 Turbo. If you are looking for an instant boost in horsepower and performance, the Agency Power Down pipes for your X5M or X6M is recommended.

  • 3 Inch 304 Stainless Steel
  • TIG Welding
  • OEM Fitment
  • 300 CEL GESi Catalytic Converters
  • 3 Inch V-Band flange


  • BMW F85 X5M 4.4L V8 Turbo 15-17
  • BMW F86 X6M 4.4L V8 Turbo 15-17/li>

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