High Flow Y-Pipe 14-17 Porsche 991 Turbo | Turbo S Agency Power

High Flow Y-Pipe 14-17 Porsche 991 Turbo | Turbo S Agency Power


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One of the new parts we designed for the 991 Turbo and Turbo S is the charge inch; pipe or Y-Pipe that goes into the throttle body. We have been very successful in the past with Y-Pipes on the Panamera Turbo,996 Turbo, and997.2 Turbo gaining proven horsepower on the dyno and quicker turbo spool for normal driving characteristics. The amount of air flow you can get into the throttle body is more important than what happens after the throttle body. The increased airflow simply yields more power and performance.
On the 991 Turbo, the factory pipe from the intercoolers to the throttle body is 2inch diameter and then merges fairly early. To improve upon this design, we have increased the diameter of the piping to 2.5 inch and maintained separate pipes as close to the throttle body as we could to eliminate any unnecessary turbulence. The piping is designed to still work with the factory airbox and our Agency Power cold air intake. Stepping up our Agency Power game is this nice CNC machined AP logo brace in the center. The Y-Pipe is a great upgrade that can definitely be noticed on street driving in the low RPM and throughout the powerband. The Y-Pipe comes in standard wrinkled black powdercoat, however custom colors are available for an extra charge.
The Y-Pipe fits all 2014 and up Porsche 991 Turbo and Turbo S models

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Weight 18.75000 lbs
Dimensions 28.00000 × 22.00000 × 16.00000 in