KFD Engine mount set Toyota Altezza / Aristo

KFD Engine mount set Toyota Altezza / Aristo


KFD Engine mount set Toyota Altezza / Aristo


OEM part number 12361-46190 


Cold Rolled steel plate construction

TIG welded
CNC laser cut and CNC bended
Zinc coated

Powder coated in branded color
OEM good rubber bushing


Toyota Altezza
Altezza Gita GXE10 SXE10 JCE10

Toyota Aristo JZS160 JZS161

Note: suitable for JZ swap




Installation time: 1 to 1.5 hours




KFD Engine mounts lower the engine position, that helps to keep the weight down, extinguish the Engine vibration, and have longer lifetime than stock mounts. 






KFD Engine mounts are constructed with high quality steel and are designed for racing. Mounts come standard powder coating in branded purple color for corrosion resistance, and equipped with rubber bushing, that stands high temperatures.






KFD Team is NOT responsible for damage to an engine or engine mounts from being installed incorrectly. Installation / removal REQUIRES specialized tooling, please make sure your installer service center is properly equipped to handle this process.




Condition: new


Price per 1 set (2 pcs.)


Made in Siberia | Durable and Solid | Worldwide Shipping



Note: Before ordering, please check the dimensions in the product card. If the size of the new part does not coincide with yours, please contact the manager for details of the order.

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