Lightweight Crank Pulley Black 05-10 Scion TC Agency Power

Lightweight Crank Pulley Black 05-10 Scion TC Agency Power


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Reinventing the wheel is something we do not do. However, making the wheel lighter makes it easier to spin. Lightweight crank pulleys have proven horsepower and torque increases time after time. You can get pulleys under driven or same size as stock. We at Agency Power choose to make all of our crank pulleys the same diameter as the factory but reduce the weight.This type of design will not affect alternator power for the enthusiast running extra stereo equipment. This retains the factory belts and fits with no modifications.andnbsp;

Our Scion TC pulley is CNC machined 6061 aluminum. Properly broached and includes the timing mark for a balanced OEM quality fit. The pulleys are then media blasted for a satin silver or black finish and laseredandnbsp;with the Agency Power name. Our Agency Power pulley weighs about 3.5 lbs lighter then the factory pulley.

Reducing rotating mass gives the Scion TC a gain of 10 horsepower and an increase in torque by 11 ft/ lbs as Dyno proven. Overall driving impression is an increase in throttle response during acceleration. The entire power band gains performance and drivability remains the same. The Agency Power Scion TC pulley will give you the extra power you desire!

  • Billet 6061 Aluminum
  • Lightweight 1 lbs
  • Anodized Black Finish
  • 10 horsepower gain
  • Engraved with the Agency Power text
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty


  • Scion TC 2005-2010

Additional information

Weight 6.25000 lbs
Dimensions 8.00000 × 8.00000 × 4.00000 in