Performance Headers 99-08 Porsche 996 | 997 Agency Power

Performance Headers 99-08 Porsche 996 | 997 Agency Power


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Improving upon designs, R and D, and delivering a quality product to the market is what Agency Power has continually done. Developing yet another high quality product for the Porsche vehicle, Agency Power has released their Porsche 996/997 performance header kit. These headers are 321stainless steel. Each headers is fully polished with amazing robotic welds. The headers have very strong and precision cut 1/4 inch flanges.

The Agency Power headers mount and fit to the factory cat pipes or aftermarket ones. Agency Power designed the headers to change the sound of the Porsche, increase air flow, and improve horsepower.

During dyno testing, the headers made almost 5 wheel horsepower. On a Normally Aspirated 996 or 997, this is about average gains for a header kit. Every bit helps and this product is priced and tested to give you that extra advantage.

Headers fit all 996 and 997 models from 99 and up. Headers can also fit the 996 GT3. Headers use all factory gaskets and hardware for installation.

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Weight 1.00000 lbs
Dimensions 21.00000 × 14.00000 × 8.00000 in