Racing Down Pipe 03-08 Mitsubishi EVO VIII | IX MR RS Agency Power


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With the Mitsubishi EVO evolving HERE in the USA since 2003, a lot of parts have come out to make the car perform and handle to it drivers potential. Agency Power has been constantly developing and testing new products that simply make the EVO the best car for street, drag, and road racing. With the release of their all new down pipe, you will be able to give your EVO the best performance it needs.
The all new Agency Power Mitsubishi EVO down pipe is designed to fit the 2003 and up 5 speed or 6 speed cars.

The down pipe is full stainless steel with thick flanges and sturdy hangers. The down pipe is a full 3 inch system that fits to the stock turbo housing. Adding this down pipe to your car will give you increased horsepower, increased boost, and improve the air flow that is needed on a turbo charged car. down pipe fits with the stock donut gasket.

Combine this down pipe with our Agency Power catback exhaust system for an awesome performance gain of almost 20 wheel horsepower!

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Weight 12.50000 lbs
Dimensions 41.00000 × 10.00000 × 10.00000 in