Rear Adjustable Control Arms 04-07 Subaru STI Agency Power

Rear Adjustable Control Arms 04-07 Subaru STI Agency Power



On the track or on the street, having an incredible dialed in suspension makes the world of difference. A balance between coilovers, sway bars, and alignment can give you the ultimate handling car and the edge over the competition. Agency Power took it to the next level for those wanting to achieve the fastest times around the turns with their all new Adjustable Control Arms for the Subaru STI.

The 4 piece set of adjustable control arms replace the factory units. The control arms are designed to provide a more rigid rear end to improve traction and handling. In addition, the rear control arms give you greater adjustability in camber and toe over factory adjustments. The rear arms are precision engineered CNC machined 6061 aluminum. Each rear arm end piece is connected to the main shaft with a high strength black oxide steel set screw to give you maximum adjustability. Instead of the factory rubber bushing, Agency Power uses a urethane bushing with a steel sleeve.

The rest of the ends are high quality spherical rod ends with Teflon lining for longevity, cleanliness, and continuing performance. In additional, the control arms save weight and are completely polished for a show quality finish.

Additional information

Weight 1.00000 lbs
Dimensions 20.00000 × 6.00000 × 6.00000 in