Rear Brake Rotor Upgrade Kit Mercedes CLA45|A45|GLA45 Agency Power

Rear Brake Rotor Upgrade Kit Mercedes CLA45|A45|GLA45 Agency Power


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Have you already upgraded the front brakes on your Mercedes CLA45, GLA45, or A45 AMG? Improve your braking even further with this plus 1 brake rotor upgrade kit from Agency Power. The rear upgraded brake kit consists of 2 piece drilled rotors, caliper spacers, steel braided brake lines, and performance brake pads. The rear upgrade takes your Mercedes AMG standard 1 piston 330mm brakes and enhances it to a 350mm to match the size in the front. The plus 1 setup allows the vehicles factory electronic parking brake to still function. Since braking is one of the most overlooked upgrades by many horsepower seekers, the Agency Power front and rear brake upgrade combined is the perfect balance to your performance needs. Better braking means you can go faster into the turns, which gives you faster lap times to be ahead of your competition.
To improve a vehicles braking performance, you want to have better heat dissipation, even brake pad wear, and a firmer pedal feel. One of the biggest advantages of doing a brake upgrade is the rotational weight savings. The factory rear brake rotors weigh 16lbs each. The solid disc surface lacks the performance of light weight 2 piece rotors which the Agency Power upgrade has. The Agency Power rotor weighs only 11.9 lbs which saves you 4.1 lbs per corner over stock. Rotational weight savings has an estimated factor of three. This is like taking 12.3 lbs of dead weight off each corner! Because the rotor features rotational drilled holes and more effective curved vanes, it helps dissipate heat away from the rotors. This design is used to improve cooling by pushing cool air from the center of the wheel to where the rotor needs it most. It also acts like a heat exchanger to carry heat away from the rotor. With the 2 piece rotor design and the improved cooling, the brakes pads have an even wear on both sides and almost no brake fade. Its larger surface area at 350mm compared to stock 330mm also helps the heat dissipation.
To further improve the brake pedal feel, we include a set of steel braided brake lines. The brake lines feature a Teflon line inside which the brake fluid flows through. With a steel braided casing and then a gel outside coating, there is no flex in the brake lines. Under pressure, the factory rubber lines can flex giving the brake pedal a mushy or soft feeling. It is always recommended to run a quality DOT4 brake fluid for optimal performance. Performance brake pads are also included to be used with the factory rear calipers. These upgraded aggressive street pads are perfect for the weekend racer or those wanting some serious bite in their stopping power.
The Agency Power rear Plus 1 brake upgrade for the Mercedes CLA 45, A 45, GLA 45 is a direct bolt-on application. It can work with all 45 AMG models from around the world. Whether you are looking for an advantage on the track or its time to replace your stock brake components due to wear and tear, this is the best option for your AMG. Each kit has been manufactured in-conjunction with one of the leading aftermarket brake companies to achieve high quality standards and has gone through rigorous testing. The kit is sold as a complete rear axle setup. Replacement brake discs can be sold when necessary as the brake hat is not a consumable item.

  • Pair of 2-Piece Drilled 350×22 Rotors
  • Pair of Caliper Spacers to go from 330mm to 350mm
  • Complete Rear Set of Performance Brake Pads
  • Complete Rear Set of Steel Braided Brake Lines


  • Mercedes A45 AMG 2012+
  • Mercedes CLA45 AMG 2014+
  • Mercedes GLA45 AMG 2014+
  • Mercedes CLA 45 Shooting Brake 2015+

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Weight 50 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 50 in