SerialNine – TILTON Triple Metallic Racing Clutch *** FOR CD-PRO MULTI ONLY***

SerialNine – TILTON Triple Metallic Racing Clutch *** FOR CD-PRO MULTI ONLY***

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SerialNine – TILTON Triple Metallic Racing Clutch

This is the clutch we use and recommend for our CD-PRO multi kits. we have done extensive testing and deem that this combination is the best for driveability, torque capacity, and longevity. This is a racing clutch, but we do drive it on the street. Depending on your type of street driving, this clutch will last accordingly, IE stop and go traffic will kill this clutch quickly but driving to and from the track will be fine.


Torque Capacity 720lb/ft or 840lb/ft. (Choose below)


Tilton’s 7.25″ OT-II metallic racing clutches offer the low moment-of-inertia, high torque capacity, and reliability necessary for the most demanding racing applications. These features have made metallic clutches the most common clutch type used in road racing, circle track racing, and Formula Drift.


Feel: Light (720lb/ft) to Moderate (840lb/ft) pedal effort, aggressive engagement, mild gear rattle at idle.

Life: Moderate friction life, this is primarily a racing clutch and will have limited street life.

Quality: TILTON has a rich racing history and has been making the highest quality racing components since 1972. Every item is replaceable and TILTON has extremely fast and reliable customer service.

Recommended Use: Recommended for ultra-high horsepower, road racing, and drifting applications, not recommended for extended street use.


*** Other combinations are available for the CD-PRO multi, please email with your inquiry***

TILTON metallic racing clutch VIDEO

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