THERMAL R&D – 2017+ Honda Civic Type R – Catback/Frontpipe Exhaust System

THERMAL R&D – 2017+ Honda Civic Type R – Catback/Frontpipe Exhaust System


B182-C182 System Specifications:

• 3” Diameter Catback Exhaust
• Upgraded Tip to Fit OEM Valance/Bumper
• T304 Stainless Steel
• All Hardware and Clamps Included.
• Brush finish tubing with polished tip and canisters.


The design engineers at Thermal R&D could hardly wait to get their hands on the much anticipated
Honda Type R. True to form, the focus was not on being the first to market, but rather putting out the
best combination of performance, sound and style.
Fortunately, the engineers at Honda did the heavy lifting on the performance. An animal in the
performance category for a car its size, sound and the tip needed to be the primary focus, knowing that
some gains would come naturally from the expanded tubing diameter. Optimizing the sound to be more
aggressive (without allowing drone) and the tip section were executed beautifully as part of an overall
high quality upgrade that this car deserved.
This true 3” cat back exhaust system that maintains all the original hangers and is a direct fit install.

Additional Notes: Designers wanted to maintain the triple-exit tip since it was very unique to the Honda
Type R. With a 3” system, sound control was a must. An internal rear chamber utilizes Thermal’s unique
‘True Helmholtz Technology’ (THT) TM to control drone while keeping the aggressive turbo growl. This
allows for drone cancelling when cruising, but keeps the aggressive deep, throaty notes on acceleration.